Finding peace

While meditating we are simply seeing what the mind has been doing all along. - Allen Lokos

The moment I wake, I look to put myself into the best possible position to start the day in the most peaceful way possible. First thing, I clean my room (not that it's untidy) I simply like to revert my room back to a place where it looks it's best before I fell asleep. I straighten my bed sheets, place my laptop back on its shelf, shower, and choose what I'm going to wear for the day. My bedroom window looks out onto a wooded area; I open my window to allow the sounds of the forest in. The birds sing their morning songs, different birds with different tones and tunes. The scuttle of squirrels as they run up and down the bark of trees. A slight shower of rain drips onto the window creating perhaps the most peaceful sound one could imagine, It's a sensation that can put you closer to nature.

It's still dark outside, but I keep the lights off, there's no need for artificial light yet. I make my way through to the kitchen, pour a large glass of water and wolf it down. If you haven't quite woken yet, this will help. I boil the kettle and make my morning cup of coffee, an experience in itself when it's aroma hits the nostrils. Depending on what I currently have available, I make a small breakfast, sit down, and just enjoy the peace. A bit of soothing music perhaps? some Johnny Mathis maybe. At this point, I'm awake, clean, caffeinated and ready to go. I open my laptop and begin to write the best possible content I can, In fact, I'm writing this after just completing this process.      

I treat this period of time, as my 'peace' period, almost meditative in its nature. It creates a framework in which I can be at my best in all areas, taking on whatever the world throws at me. I used to wake up, wash, and go to work, in what seemed like a dream, as I hadn't woken yet. I still have a job, but for the betterment of my health, I allow myself this time, this 'peace period', to be at my optimum ability. You may share some of my morning routines and may add or subtract some elements. Create your morning framework and allow yourself to find peace within.