'No spending' challenge: July update

The lack of money is the root of all evil. - George Bernard Shaw

It's been almost a month since I started my self-imposed 'No spending' challenge. It's been a month of major wins, minor fails, and some interesting personal insights. 

  1. It's pretty easy... no, really!

Around ten days into the challenge, I realized just how easy it was. It reminded me of what I gave up Coca-Cola. I thought giving up something that I had drank every day for most of my life would be difficult, but it was remarkably easy. When we have what we need ( I.e food, house etc) anything else is optional, When I have what is necessary for me to live, I have 'enough'. That's an important word, 'enough'. Over the past month, I have taken to saying to myself, "I have enough". " I have enough books", "I have enough clothes". 

      2. The matter of food

As a Scotsman, you would more likely see me eating a 'full Scottish' breakfast rather than avocado on toast. Both meals, however, cost money. I'm not sure if it's my age or just how my lifestyle it at the moment, but I find myself eating out a lot. As I pointed out in my original post, I can eat out if I want, but too much of anything will lead to diminishing returns. I'm not sure about the number but I reckon I have spent just over £100 last month, just eating out!. I didn't lose track of my eating out spending, but I am not happy spending that kind of money every month on eating out. So between now (July 14th) and my next update (August 14th), I would like to drastically cut down on eating out.

     3. Refocusing on my core values 

Even after two and half years of practicing minimalism, the idea of owning stuff still weighs heavy on my mind from time to time. This it to be expected, Afterall, minimalism is not some kind of hypnosis or brainwashing! minimalist still need some stuff. But since starting this challenge I can't say I've spent much time thinking about the things I specified as 'not acceptable' over the next four months. A side effect of this is I have been able to focus on my three main core values (relationships exempted). These three core values are Writing, Reading, and health. Healthwise, I have kept fast food and chocolate to a weekend treat. The gym is quickly becoming my second home, spending around 2 hours, 4 times a day, there. Writing and reading are daily rituals for me, spending much of my time writing the best content I can for my benefit and anyone else who finds value in my writing.   

Conclusion for July

What the next three month bring is anyone's guess, but hopefully, I can improve and refine on the points I've mentioned here, time will tell. But, as I mentioned earlier, it's getting easier, though when something becomes easier, one can be prone to lapses, so I must stay vigilant of my own thoughts and behavior.