'No spend' challenge

Mixing Minimalism with personal finance creates an unbeatable concoction. That concoction is the intentional focusing of monetary value. - Conor Mitchell

A couple of times a week I set aside an hour or so to read my favorite blogs. They range from minimalist blogs to men's style, but whatever one it may be, I get a lot of value from their writing. I was scrolling through the archive of 'The Minimalists' blog and I came across a selection of essay's from all the way back in 2011, initially titled 'Minimalist new year's resolution'. The essay, writing by Joshua Fields Milburn, outlines his challenge for the whole of 2011, the challenge being to no buy nothing except consumables and experiences, for the whole year. I hadn't read this essay before and it got me thinking, after two years of practicing minimalism, I've never gone a long period of time without buying something!. So, in a similar vain as Milburn, I have set myself the same challenge. Let's outline the rules.  

Things I can buy:

  • Consumables ( Food + Toiletries )
  • Investments and savings
  • Regular bills ( Rent + Spotify + Gym + Travel + Haircut + Web hosting + Phone payment )
  • Experiences ( Movies + Concerts + Eating out + Traveling )
  • Donations ( Political party donations + charity + Patreon donations )
  • Education ( Books + The great courses etc )

Things I can't buy:

  • New gadgets ( Video games + basically anything technical :) )
  • Clothing
  • Avoidable food ( Fast food + chocolate (within reason) )
  • No credit card usage ( No need for one, when I'm not buying anything )
  • No physical, none consumable, goods ( Books bought will be donated after reading )

It is important to point out that I'm not doing this to deprive myself, simply to prove that I already own everything I need. I will keep you all updated on a monthly basis, logging any struggles, fails, and successes. JFM did his challenge for the year, but, I'm aiming for four months at the moment. Wish me luck :).