Little and often: The secret to forming successful habits

Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after you have subtracted you bad habits, from your good ones. - Benjamin Franklin

I'm a doer, it's in my nature. I think, then I act accordingly. To be able to act on situations mundane or otherwise is a necessity for our survival as human beings. With every individual striving unstoppably towards the future, acting according to the situations provided, there is an unavoidable consequence of acting... Failure. Failure stalks our every action like some large, great stalking thing. I have been questioning what role failure play's on the foundation of solid habit forming and what, if anything, we should learn from our failed attempts to implement habits in the past.  

We all fear failure, but why? we tried!. surely you can only count something as a failure if you just didn't act?. Perhaps trying isn't enough, let us remember the immortal words of Yoda, " succeed or fail, there is no try". No matter what way you choose to look at failure, we shall all experience it at some point. I've never failed an exam or essay, but one place I have failed regularly is the implementation of new, better, habits. Whether it be a new morning routine or setting a gym schedule, I have alway's failed. I think these things are bound to fail because of how eager I and perhaps you, are, to the idea of changing our daily life's, for the better. Reality soon kicks us into touch and we soon revert back to safer modes of living.

Over the past several months I've been looking for a way of combating this and I believe I have found the best way (for me) to form better habits. First -  We must know what habits we wish to change; write them down but keep it to a minimum as we don't want to get fatigue. Here are some of the habits I want to implement.

. Read more

. Exercise more 

. Write more

The next step is what I call the 'Little and Often' process. Every day I make it my duty to practice all three of the habits I want to improve. I don't set myself a time, as most people don't stick to a time anyway, all I do is say to myself, "I must read a 'little'" or "I must exercise a 'little'". By writing this essay, I am fulfilling my want to write a little. As I mentioned above, we are very excited to see a change in our life's, we simply want to see it quicker. We must be intentional with our habits and be willing to make the change, but we must also remind ourselves that Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will the improved you. So implement your chosen habits, into small intentional acts every day. No shortcuts, no giving up, no excuses.