Value: June

There are two seasons in Scotland: June and winter. - Billy Connoly

Summer has finally arrived, bringing the sunshine back to my bleak home of Scotland. Living in a country with very few day's of nice weather, I tend to get a lot of value from a couple of days of sunshine. I would also like to share some other things that have given me a lot of value over the month of June.

Brother DS720d portable scanner 

In my never-ending mission to bring simplicity to my life, I decided to scan many of my paper documents, shredding those I deemed unnecessary. The scanner itself weighs around the same as a typical smartphone, and with the scanner, the size of a rolled up magazine, it is super...well... portable. I plan on writing an essay on the effect of physical clutter and the benefits of digitalising, so stay tuned for that. I highly recommend this scanner if you are also looking to cut down on all that paper build-up.

Sam Harris 'Waking up' podcast

Sam Harris, the philosopher, and neuroscientist produces a podcast focusing on the important questions of the day, from the argument against sugar to Donald Trump. I appreciate the unbiased manner of the show, and I certainly find myself disagreeing with things that Sam or his guests say, but I always come out more informed and all the better for it. Why not give it a download and put that long train journey, or lunch hour, to good use. 

Philosophy University module

This month brought to an end my first, second-year university module, philosophy. I couldn't possibly underestimate how much philosophy has helped me personally. It has improved my knowledge of philosophical concepts that I had a tentative grasp at best. I was introduced to philosophers that have become friends in a sense, like David Hume, Thomas Hobbes, and Immanuel Kant. Philosophy has played a part in my life for many years but having now studied it academically, it has cemented its place, not only in my mind but in my heart.

American Gods

The latest original TV show from Amazon is the adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel 'American Gods'. To provide an acceptable synopsis would be difficult, but here I go!. 'American Gods' is based on the idea that gods, through the power of belief, gained the ability to manifest into physical form, focusing on how the belief systems managed to make it to America. But the arrival of science and new 'gods' like TV and the internet, have damaged the power of the old gods i.e Norse, Egyptian. The art direction of this show is sumptuous, with an all-star cast to boot, from Ian McShane, Gillian Anderson, and Crispen Glover. The concept is fantastic, if difficult to get your head around, so if you have the time, give American Gods a watch.      

How about you? what's been giving you value this month?. please leave a comment below and if you go value from reading the article, please give it a like. until next time, have a great month :).